Welcome to the Nassau County Recovery Fund!

To Benefit The Nassau Hurricane Recovery Fund –
all proceeds go to continue helping residents recover from storm damage


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The needs of residents affected by Hurricane Sandy may have faded from the public eye, but they still exist, and are very real.

A number of residents remain “homeless” – many still paying mortgages - as NY Rising (the State and Federal government’s recovery plan) has been slow and riddled with errors and inconsistencies.

The Nassau Hurricane Recovery Fund, established by County Executive Edward P. Mangano not long after Sandy hit, has relied solely on private donations and fundraising events. The Fund has provided $1,000 gifts to nearly 150 families in the hardest hit areas – basically, to help with bare necessities.

The Fund has distributed Home Depot, Target and Walmart gift cards to another 50 or 60 families – thanks to Island Harvest and the United Way.

Nearly 1,500 families applied to the Fund since it went live in January of 2013; however, there has not been enough money collected to help all. The Fund has therefore shared applicant information with the United Way so they can connect applicants with charitable agencies and caseworkers.

The Fund continues to host fundraising events to benefit those who have applied and remain in need. As soon as the funds come in, they are distributed to those in need.


For those seeking to help Sandy victims by donating resources or interested in hosting a benefit event, please contact Eden Laikin at elaikin@nassaucountyny.gov