Nassau County, NY

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License Number: H22178100
Expiration Date: 10/31/2019

Status: Licensed

Vendor Address: 94 SAMPSON AVENUE ISLANDIA , NY11749
Phone Number: 631-630-0492

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Nassau County Office of Consumer Affairs only licenses Home Improvement Contractors doing residential Home Improvement

“Home Improvement” means repair, maintenance, replacement, remodeling, alteration, conversion, modernization, or addition to any land or building, or that portion thereof, which is used as a private residence or dwelling place for not more than three families, and other improvements to structures or upon land which is adjacent to a dwelling, and shall include, but not be limited to, the installation, construction, replacement or improvement of driveways, swimming pools, porches, garages, sheds, central heating or air conditioning systems, vacuum cleaning systems, windows and awnings, sandblasting, power washing, waterproofing, floor refinishing, chimney cleaning, interior and/or exterior painting, carpet installation, and gardening/landscaping, when the gardener/landscaper uses his/her own equipment in the conduct of his/her business and uses his/her vehicle to transport such equipment.

"Home Improvement" shall not include (a) the construction of a new home building or work done by a contractor in compliance with a guarantee of completion of a new building project, or (b) the sale of goods or materials by a seller who neither arranges to perform nor performs directly or indirectly any work or labor in connection with the installation of the goods or materials, or(c) decorating, or (d) residences owned by the state or any municipal subdivision thereof, or (e) automatic fire alarm systems, or (f) burglar alarm systems. The information returned does not include Taxi and/or Limousine company Registrations. Information regarding Taxi and Limousine company registrations can be obtained by calling the Office of Consumer Affairs at (516) 571-2600. Information displayed is accurate as of the previous business day. For up to the minute information, please call our licensing Division at 516-571-3871."