Nassau County, NY


Enter your User Code and Password found on the Letter you received from the Board of Elections and click login.

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Poll Worker Training

Dear Poll Worker,

The Board of Elections is grateful for all of your support. 

You can reserve your class on the dates and times provided, by following the instructions below:

  1. Please enter the User Code and Password provided in your letter
  2. Click on Login

If you get a message that states "The User Code or Password you entered is not valid",
1. Please re-check that you have correctly entered the User Code and that your Password only contains up to five (5) letters 
2. If you still can’t log in, and you believe you are entering everything correctly, please contact the Board of Elections
After you successfully log in, you will be directed to a page prompting you to enter your email address, which we highly recommend you provide.  This email address will only be used by the Board of Elections to contact you about training issues.  You will then be directed to a list of dates and times from which to choose for your training.

Once your training class is reserved, a final screen will confirm the reservation.
Republican (516) 571-2892
Democrat (516) 571-4935